About Us

This organization is composed of graduates from one of the top universities in China- South China University of Technology. Most of the members have been studying and working in the United States for more than a decade. Many of them have been very successful in different fields of profession. Some of them have achieved prominence in both community and business. By setting up this organization, we aim to expand the network that we already have in place. This organization is to provide a platform to all the interested partied to get involved and to provide new opportunities to network. We believe that we are able to play a more active role through this organization of promoting higher level of exchange in areas of higher education, modern technology, culture and Sino-America bilateral trade and commerce.

What drives us
As we are tasting the fruition of many years of study and hard work in our career, we do not forget the fact that when we first came to this country to pursue further education, we came with nothing except that we were equipped with solid education from our school- South China University of Technology. We came with a dream- to become more successful in our career. Today, many of us are very successful in achieving position of prominence in different field of the business. Many of us are maintaining high level of skill, knowledge and experience in different kinds of discipline. We should be proud of what we have achieved so far. We should continue to keep the momentum. On the other hand, we all have the strong feeling that we had gained great education and training from SCUT and it is time for us to give back to our school and communities. By setting up this alumni organization, we sincerely hope that we can offer assistance and guidance to new members in their study and others in their career. Furthermore, this organization will provide a bridge between SCUT and organizations in U.S.A., such as universities, academic and research institutes and think tanks. We also hope that all alumni from SCUT, USA will benefit from this organization and enhance the building of their career directly and indirectly in many ways through association and involvement.

Chairman: Henry Lu.  Vice-Chairman:Brian Chen, Cherry Huang and Jie Zheng.  President: Daniel Cai.  Vice-President: Michael Wu and Jerry Yang.  Executive secretary: Louis Lin and Yiling Zhang.  Treasurer: Jie Zheng and Cherry Huang.


1. Provide a platform to foster information exchange by networking within and outside of the organization
2. Provide information and support of academic exchange with SCUT and offer assistance and guidance for new SCUT alumni coming to USA to study
3. Reach out to other organizations to form alliance
4. Act as a think tank and provide consulting services in the areas of commerce, trade, legal guidance, products and projects and technology between the Sino-USA
5. Provide opportunities for family bonding and organize family activities